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Disadvantages of Cheap Hosting (Sometimes Hidden)

When seeking hosting, the tendency is to go price shopping. In the hosting world, the cheapest price, is almost always not the best choice.

Hunting for a cheap web host means there has to be some compromise. A web hosting provider who competes on price has to cut something in the backend in order to accommodate you. For him to be profitable at a low price, he has to have many customers. The more he crams on that server, the more he will compromise the service that you get.

The following was curated from a post on Business 2 Community entitled: “What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Web Hosting.” We will highlight the Red Flags to look for and at the end, we will show you how Yahjam Host compares to each Red Flag.


Red Flags with Budget Hosting Companies

Here are a few things to look out for when going for cheap hosting. Some of these don’t necessarily make them bad choices, but they can impact your site performance.

Unnecessary Software Upgrades

Budget hosting companies often recommend premium software from affiliate partners that you probably don’t need.

Overloaded Servers

If you see a good number of negative reviews citing excessive downtime, slow speeds, or outages, that’s a sure sign that the company has too many customers on an overloaded network.

Blacklisted IPs

If the hosting company does business with a lot of spammers, your site could suffer by being in an IP range that has been banned in multiple areas.

Limited MySQL Database Access

Any host that offers fewer than 100 tables will cause you issues down the line.

Hidden Fees

Some hosting companies offer deep discounts the first year then slam you with ridiculous rates going forward. Then if you try to cancel, they slap you with a huge cancelation fee. Do your homework and know what you’ll be paying long-term.

The Advantages of Yahjam Host Compared to the Disadvantages of Cheap Hosting

Unneccesary Software Upgrades

Yahjam Host does not offer unnecesasary software upgrades from affiliated partners. All that we offer are upgrades to your hosting plan if needed.

Overloaded Servers

We do not overload our servers. In fact, we severely restrict the amount of accounts so that performance will not be compromised. We like to think that we host our websites on Yahjam Host, so why the rush to get a crowd there with us?

Blacklisted IP’s

Spammers love cheap hosting. We are happy to restrict our clientele. For one, we do not host adult websites. When you buy Yahjam Host hosting, rest assured that you are in a clean place.

Limited MySQL Database Access

Our starting package offers 150 databases; way more than most will ever need.

Hidden Fees

We have no hidden fees. We have no ‘huge’ cancellation fee to trap you, and no escallation in renewal fee for the upcoming year.


Yahjam Host Reliable Web Hosting

As you can see, Yahjam Host has you covered. We have none of the negative charactersitics of cheap hosting. When you host with us, you are assured of safe, secure, fast, reliable web hosting. Remember, when choosing a web host, the cheapest is almost always not the best.


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