How to start my own website

How do I start my own website? Many people do not know how easy it is to start their own website. I am not speaking of one of those free websites. I am speaking of your own professional website built on ‘yourowndomainname dot something.’

There are basically three things that you need to build your own website. After we show you these three things, then you can decide whether you will build it yourself or have someone (preferably us) build it for you.

Domain Name

The first thing you need to build your own website is a domain name. The domain name is the address of your website that people will type into a web browser to access your site. The domain name of our website is “yahjamhost.com.” If people want to reach us, they will type yahjamhost.com in their web browser and it will take them to our website.

The .com extension is by far the most popular extension.

You can get your domain name from Yahjam Host domain service, starting at $10.79 per year for a .com domain.

PS. If you plan on allowing customers to login on your site or make purchases (whether now or in the future), it is suggested that you add an SSL certificate. Google Chrome has started blocking visitors to sites without SSL certificates that ask people to login or make a purchase. Prevention is better than cure, so start with an SSL certificate.

Yahjam Host has several types of SSL certificates, starting at only $14.95 per year.




Every website needs a home. Your website will be accessed by the world through powerful computers called servers. There are fast servers and there are slow servers.

The speed of the server will primarily depend on the type of hardware as well as how many persons are utilizing each server. Bear in mind that each server has a fixed capacity (limit). If there is a crowd on the server, then they will strain the fixed resources, and your website will be slow.

The best hosts are those who use the latest technology and keep their hardware up-to-date and at the same time restrict the capacity on their servers.

Yahjam Host follows the policy of its parent host and restricts the number and size of accounts we offer. In so doing, we preserve top notch performance for our shared customers. Find out the disadvantages of cheap hosting and the advantages of Yahjam Host.


Yahjam Host plans Start at Only $4.99 per month.


Build Website

The third and final step is to build a website. Yahjam Host provides a free website builder with all our hosting plans. With BoldGrid website builder, you can easily create professional drag and drop WordPress websites in just a few minutes. If you don’t want to build it yourself, Yahjam Web Design will deliver beautiful, responsive design at a low cost.


There are only three (3) simple steps to build your own professional website. Buy a domain name, buy hosting and build a website. With any of our annual hosting plans, you get a domain name free for the first year. You can then use our free website builder to create your own website or let us build it for you. The choice is yours.

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